Save the date for 2016: 24. - 28. March !Teams + Referees can register NOW!!


Eastercup presents Respect-Project!!!

In Ccoperation with BC Lions Moabit 21
In Ccoperation with BC Lions Moabit 21
Thank you Teams, Families, Referees and friends
Thank you Teams, Families, Referees and friends

Our last guest was leaving the city on 8th of April via Spain!! Hopefully all of you will have/had a safe hometrip.

CU in 2016!!!

Save the date: Eastercup 2016-->24. - 28. March 2016

These are the final-results Eastercup‬ 2015 Day 5:

All Winner-Pictures can be seen right here:

BU12: -->Winner BV Chemnitz 35:28 over Bauska BJSS (LV)
GU13: -->Winner Tukums Sports Skola(LV) 42:27 over
Sokol Nusle - basketbal (CZ)
BU14: -->Winner Berliner SC 31:25 over Siguldas Sporta Skola (LV)
BU15: -->Winner Horsens IC(DK) 42:26 over Hellas Basket
GU15: -->Winner Chemcats Chemnitz 26:24 over Spisska Nova(SK)
BU16: -->Winner BV Chemnitz 33:15 over Rotterdam Basketball(NL)
GU17: -->Winner Rigas 3BJSS(LV) 28:14 over BS Valmiera(LV)
BU18: -->Winner In2Work(NL) 37:35 over St. Petersburg "CUPCINI OLYMPUS"(RU)
GU19: -->Winner Rigas 3BJSS(LV) 49:22 over Union Press(SK)


Day 3 Final Results Adult-Series:

Winner Ladies: -->Sokol Nusle(CZ) 44:37 over TUS Lichterfelde

Winner Wheelchair: --> Jena Caputs 33:32 over Alba Berlin

Winner Men: --> What you need Teamwear Berlin 58:39 over Richtig geil


Day 4 Final Results Boys U20 + Boys U22

Winner Boys U20: --> Ieceva(LV) 55:40 over Celeritas Donar(NL)

Winner Boys U22: --> What you need Teamwear Berlin 55:34 over Ieceva


Videos @ www here:

Official Summary 2015:

Highlights Slam-Dunk-Contest 2015:

Girls U15 Final:
U18 Final:


Official Documentary 2015:
Slowmotion Slam-Dunk-Contest:

Wheelchair Final:

Men-Final 7 Minutes:

Boys U14 Final:

Boys U15 Final:
Ankle-Breaker Nick Tomsick:

Slam-Dunk-Contest Best of from Munich:

Men-Final 2nd Half:

All Dunks Slam-Dunk-Contest 2015:


Press + Pictures:

Note 4th of April: Team Pinoy Tribes will not show up on Saturday - they dont have enough players anymore

Tournament 2015 almost over

The winners need to become a champion.

Everything about the finals on our facebookfanpage


4th of April: You can find Friday results under

This years Eastercup started!

We have finished the opening games.

Over 800 spectators saw interesting games.

In girls under 15 Basketball Aid Seven from Stuttgart Germany lost 23 to 38 against Lepy Orange from Finland.

In our this year's first time competition wheelchair ISV Hengelo from Netherlandslost 11 to 19 against Alba Berlin Basketball e.V. from Germany.

Ladies: XDEMON Tecza Lezno from Poland lost 25 to 35 against Vaerloese BBK u19 from Denmark.

Men: Emmen Eagles from Netherlands lost 19 to 65 against What You Need Teamwear from Berlin Germany.

In our last opening Game the Eastercup Organisation Team beat the Referees in a tight game after overtime.


We try to have a right-in-time version of schedule in our Download section


Attention: Ausschreibung/Invitation 2015 is online

Ausschreibung (Deutsche Version) hier downloaden: Eastercup Einladung GERMAN 2015
Eastercup2015-Einladung GERMAN Official.
Adobe Acrobat Document [479.8 KB]

Invitation (English + Russian Version) download here: Eastercup 2015 Invitation ENGLISH
Eastercup Invitation Englisch New 2015.p
Adobe Acrobat Document [453.6 KB]
Download Eastercup 2015 Invitation RUSSIAN
Eastercup 2015 Russian Version.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document [1.0 MB]

Note: The Shisha-Bar Meeting on 3rd of April will not taking place. We canceled it from the Program-Schedule!

Map, Program, Gameplan 2015

You can find everything under DOWNLOADS on this website.

"Eastercup Berlin-Moabit 2015" wird von Stark gemacht unterstützt.

In einer Ausschreibung im letzten Jahr hat sich unser Projekt im Förderbereich 1 - innovative Projekte durchgesetzt und die Jury überzeugt.

FORTHREE - Eastercup 2015 - Less than 3 weeks to go

Keine 4 Wochen mehr und der FORTHREE-Shop öffnet beim Eastercup 2015 seine Pforten. Wir wollen alle Teams im Laufe des Turniers mindestens einmal am Verkaufstand in der Haupthalle sehen - Gründe dafür gibt es genug:

- Turnier T-Shirts für nur 10 € - Farbe heather royal, Größen S - XXL
- Basketball-Shorts für nur 12,50 € in vielen Größen und Farben
- Hoodies und Shirts mit 40% Rabatt
- Basketbälle von Molten bereits ab 20 €

Schnell sein heißt die Devise da die Mengen begrenzt sind - je früher man am Verkaufstand ist desto mehr Auswahl besteht.

Wir freuen uns auf einen genialen Eastercup 2015 in FORTHREE!


Less than 4 weeks to go and the FORTHREE shop will open their gates at the Eastercup 2015. We would like to see each team at least once at the sales stand in Alt-Moabit main gym - reasons are plenty:

- Official tournament t-shirts for only 10 € - colour heather royal, sizes S - XXL
- basketball shorts in various sizes and colours for only 12,50 €
- hoodies and shirts with upt to 40% discount
- Molten basketballs starting as low as 20 €

Be quick since the quantities are scarce.

We are looking forward to a exciting Eastercup 2015!

Newsletter February was send out on 16th of this month. There is still some space for Cupcard Highschool

Registrationdateline Eastercup 2015

Around 81 teams already registered online, still 1,5 month to go. Last date of registration: 20.March 2015.

The Eastercup management has planned and organized a 3-PO-Clinic: Currently 30 x 3-PO referees and 35 x 2-PO referees are registered.


About 81 teams are registered and coming from these 21 nations:
Arameans, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Nigeria/Team Africa, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, USA

Hit up our new Fanpage on FB:

Partner with a nice interview:

Newsletter January 2k15 was send out on 26th!!!


This area of the Eastercup 2015 is getting more n more attractive...

The way to register a team @ Eastercup 2015

Each coach can register his team online easily. Please make sure, which category you wanna participate in the youth or adultsseries. Onlineregistration is strictly possible till 20th of March 2015. On this basement the schedule will be create. Type in your cupcardwishes(how many and which version of Cupcard) and give your name a clubname or fakename.

Our office will answer as soon as possible.



+++++Neu+++: Internationale Schiedsrichter 3-Mann-Technik vom 2. bis 6. April 2015 in Berlin-Moabit! Ihr könnt euch über anmelden.


Early booking results

Dear Basketballcrowd,
happy new year first, only 3 month to go till Eastercup 2015. We are preparing for the 3rd year Eastercup in a row.
Actually around 35 teams, 40 referees and people from over 16 different nations already registered and were using the early booking offer.
Exactly 34 teams were registrating online by using our early booking offer.
The teams are coming from:
Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Netherlands, Nigeria/Team Afrika!, Norway, Sverige
Additional refereesregistrations there are around 8 countries more on the world .

Be a part of it in 2015. Teams can register till 20th March 2015, referees till end of January 2015
Wheechair Basketball is growing up very quickly...
Talk to us by having some questions, send us an email:

++++3PO-Referee-Clinic in Berlin-Moabit during the Eastercup 2015++++
+++++Neu+++: Internationale Schiedsrichter 3 Mann Technik vom 2. bis 6. April 2015 in Berlin-Moabit! Ihr könnt euch über anmelden.

Best Regards from Berlin - Moabit
Your Eastercup Team 2015

Contents 3PO-Clinic Berlin-Moabit 2015

Contents of the international 3PO-Clinic 2015 Berlin-Moabit

* Mechanics 3 person officiating. Where to walk, where to look.
Areas of responsabilities (Primairy/secondairy)

This will be both theory as in the gym

* Calling more violations instead of fouls to get the coach of your back
Calling more violations will shift focus of a complaining coach to his 
team instead of you as a referee

* Block charge
The difference between the two , combined with where to be, how to call 
it, which criteria

* Reffing is fun
Why are we reffing, why is it fun? As always you have people on your 
back to say you didn't see it well, or worse. How can you make it a fun 
hobby for yourself?

* Preparing Mentally for games
How do you guarantee yourself to be ready for the game. What ways to 
prevent escalation, do you know the teams? Do you know the players?

* Bodylanguague
How to sell your call, be sure that you always have impeccable 
presentation. 10 years ago one of the instructors of today attended a 
clinic where some other instructor of this years clinic told him: You 
should shave before the game, and always have your shoes polished as if 
they were new!! he went on to go FIBA just a few years after that

* Unsportsmanlike fouls
Criteria have changed in the last years, and so have penalties! Let's 
review clips and discuss them together

Besides these sessions there will be sessions where we look back on the 
experiences we had the day before, special situations, questions and 
And off course our coaches will be available during games to help the 
attending refs in their steps , and talk things through after games.


+++++Neu+++: Internationale Schiedsrichter 3 Mann Technik vom 2. bis 6. April 2015 in Berlin-Moabit! Ihr könnt euch über anmelden.

Just note: Early booking discount






Discount for registered teams before 31st of December 2014, discount for regular teams in 2015!

International 3PO Clinic @ Berlin-Moabit 2015 Eastercup 3PO-Clinic
Eastercup-3PO-Clinic (1).pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document [740.5 KB]

Next years Berlin Moabit Easter Tournament will feature a special side-event. The organisation team is proud to present a three person officiating referee-camp, conducted by Dutch Former Fiba Referee Barry Peters and former Fiba Instructor Bob Bhania.

The tournament, taking place from april 2nd till april 6th will have a 
certain number of games with 3 men crew. Participants of the clinic will 
get educated on the areas of responsabilities in 3 person officiating 
and coaches will help them during and in between the games.

Referees can subscribe to the clinic, that will cost them a fee of 50 
euros, by sending their application to: , please 
mention (if applicable) experience with 3 person officiating.

Applicants after March 1 will pay 65 euros, so be quick!

Referees looking for a place stay during the tournament are invited to 
get in contact with the LOC who can arrange rooms in hostels or hotels 
nearby the gym. Arriving earlier and staying longer off course is no 
problem, and highly recommended for Berlin has great things to offer for 


At the end of the tournament all referees and participants are invited 
to join the free BBQ that will be held.
Subscriptions can be sent to:
Please include the name of your referee shirt as the organisation will 
provide you with a shirt.

Talk to us by having some questions please, send an email to our officeteam :
++++3PO-Referee-Clinic in Berlin-Moabit during the Eastercup 2015++++

+++++Neu+++: Internationale Schiedsrichter 3 Mann Technik vom 2. bis 6. April 2015 in Berlin-Moabit! Ihr könnt euch über anmelden.

Invitation 2015 is online!!! Wheelchair, too!

Welcome to Berlin-Moabit 2015!

Ladies + Men Final-Moments IKW Eastercup 2014:

Commercial-Video Eastercup Recap 2014:

Official Website:

Registration 2015 is open, register now!!!



Best Regards from Berlin - Moabit


Your Eastercup Team 2015 Basketball store is our official Partner, Official Namesponsor 2015

We recommend: Cupcard Parents

Having a cupcard it gives you free access to all matches (finals and showgames are inclusive), an allowance of using our offered shuttle-service during the tournament (also applies to pick-ups and transports from and to Hauptbahnhof/Main Station). There are shops/restaurants in Moabit you will get discounts when showing your guestcard.
Additionally you can play mini-golf during all days of tournament for only 1€. By buying 20 tickets for the local swimming pool (3,50€ per kid and day) you receive 3 extra tickets for free.
for owner of the guestcard there will be a free entry to the Chillout Lounge in the main hall (minimum age 18) at Saturday the 4th April 2015, starting 10pm in the evening, or other actions during the easterdays in Berlin 2015. Without having the cupcard, the 43 Allstar-Saturday-Night-Event costs 1 €. This € goes to a social project in Moabit. All cupcards have the same number of meals. Only Cupcard PARENTS uses less meals.Hostels and Hotels in Moabit are sheaper by using a Cupcard instead of organizing something on his/her own.


For all players, coaches, parents and guest preferring to organize their accommodation for themselves.

=> Guests can arrive in advance and stay longer.
Just ask us:


=> U10-U22 players have matches from 02.04.15 to 06.04.15.

Includes 4 x breakfast (ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT), 4 x BBQ, cup-shirt, tickets for Berlin, Kioskdiscount and some other features:
=> 80 € per person + Hostel/Hotelcosts



Ladies, Men and Wheelchair players paying less, due to the fact of staying only 3 nights in Berlin and consequently having 7 meals.

=> Ladies/Men/Wheelchair players have matches from 02.04.15 to 04.04.15.

Includes 3 x breakfast (ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT), 3 x BBQ, cup-shirt, tickets for Berlin, Kiosdiscount and some other features:
=> 70 € per person + Hostel/Hotelcosts

Kleines Dankeschön an dieser Stelle

Der niederländische Basketballverband und iBasketball aus den Niederlanden haben schon im 2. Jahr hintereinander mit einem schönen Beitrag auf unser internationales Eastercupgeschehen aufmerksam gemacht. Wir DANKEN an dieser Stelle insbesondere Bas Hendriks & Ronald van Dam!!!


Newsletter November 2015

Newsletter November 2015 was send out. The following details were including:

-> introducing the patron of the Eastercup 2015
-> airports: Tegel (TXL) vs Schönefeld (SXL)
-> cupcars/guestcards, prices and dates
Please, do not hesitate in asking us any questions.
We may help you immediately!

Airport Tegel (TXL) has a distance of 4 km to Moabit, while airport Schönefeld (SXF) has a distance of 25 km to Moabit.
Therefore we are recommending explicitly choosing airport Tegel (TXL) as your destination. Moreover there will be an offered transportation. One tour with a 9-seater costs 10 €.
We are at your service for any question. Eastercup 2015 Commercial Part II, representing Poland

No Chances for Racism, made by

Award for our Cateringmanager aka Moabiter Wecker

Mr. Demircan Award
Mr. Demircan Award

The Award goes to...

Eastercup Catering Manager Gürsel Demircan awarded by CDU Kreisverband Mitte.
The award is called Moabiter Wecker. People like him deserve it. Good Job, for the next 20 years Eastercup Basketballcup Berlin-Moabit, on FB:


O-Ton Birga Köhler: "Verleihung des Moabiter Weckers an ehrenamtliches Engagement im Kiez. Ich halte die Laudatio auf Gürsel Demircan, Hausmeister im OSZ, der sich jedes Jahr über Ostern ehrenamtlich beim Moabiter Eastercup engagiert und Hunderte Kinder als Ersatzpapa
versorgt. Diese Menschen brauchen wir"!

Newsletter September & October 2014 were send out

Good to know in 2015



Our shuttle service team is on duty from 1. - 7. April 2015. Pick ups from/to the airport Tegel (TXL) will be charged in a 9-seater bus with 10 Euro, pick ups from/to Schönefeld (SXF) and other city destinations in a 9-seater bus will be charged with 15 Euro. Parents with cupcard parents+ can book hostels and accommodation through our office. The 43 Basketballshop, will offer again a lot of attractive offers and specials in 2015 with price reductions up to 45% during the tournament. Our official Cupshirt (both sides) is available at any time in the Mainhall/Court 1, sizes XXS-XXXL, 15 Euro. “43 Basketball Shop lives Basketball for 100%“ organizes a lottery you should not miss! 43 Shop will be located in 2015 next to the Mainhall/Court 1 and in another one!!!

Early booking discount until the 31.12.2014 + discount for frequent bookings please contact the office:



Tournament representative for the wheelchair-competition (e-mail):
Lukas Keul ( )
Two courts are handicapped accessible, special platform, sanitation etc., catering area is handicapped accessible as well.

Awesome Trailer for Wheelchair from England:


3rd of April: Official Meeting for Referees, Teams + Coaches!

4th of April: Chillout Lounge at Court 1 at 10:00pm


Teams who want to arrive to/from Berlin with or by car please contact our office for special rates!!! Teams who want to stay longer can join our BBQs with the eastercup-team without extra charges. Access to WLAN-internet can be provided at the tournament office. Tickets for Transportation (BVG) in Berlin are available at the office, prepaid-cards as well. 


Recap Eastercup 2014 and welcome to 2015

Facebook-Fanpage Eastercup 2015













Updates still on our Facebook Fanpage




On this fanpage we let you know about everything new,old and detailed facts. It will be used frequently and almost weekly...


Official Wallpaper 2015































Invitation 2015 is online!!! Wheelchair, too!

Welcome to Berlin-Moabit 2015!

Ladies + Men Final-Moments IKW Eastercup 2014:

Commercial-Video Eastercup Recap 2014:

Official Website:

Registration 2015 is open, register now!!!



Best Regards from Berlin - Moabit


Your Eastercup Team 2015 Basketball store is our official Partner, Official Namesponsor 2015

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International Basketball Eastercup @ Berlin-Moabit from 02. - 06. of April 2015! Register now, Wheelchair too!!!

Thank you so much for joining Eastercup 2014:

Turniersieger/Champions 2014:Foto @: Katrin Wilcken, Julia Mynter

Hier / Look here: Historie

Foto @: Katrin Wilcken, Julia Mynter

Fotos von allen Turniertagen 2014 hier:

Pictures from all days of the Eastercup 2014 here: Promotion Video Eastercup 2014:

Cut Men and Ladies Final Moments Eastercup 2014:

All Star Slam-Dunk Competition @Eastercup 2014:

NBA Skills Trainer Anthony Bathalon @ Eastercup 2014:

International Press/Links Eastercup 2014:

Official Trailer Eastercup 2014 made by TS-Media:

"43" Basketballshop mit Beko BBL Deal

What you need Teamwear Logo

FOR THREE 43 Basketball freut sich auf eine erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit mit medi bayreuth in der Beko Basketball Bundesliga. "Als Textil-Partner und Trikotausstatter möchten wir, durch qualitativ hochwertige Basketballbekleidung und ausgezeichnetem Service, im Druckbereich unseren Teil dazu beitragen, dass medi Bayreuth eine erfolgreiche Saison 2013/2014 in der Beko BBL abliefert", sagt Maximilian Teschemacher, Inhaber des Basketballlabels FOR THREE 43 Basketball.

On FB:

Das Basketballlabel FOR THREE - kurz: 43 - aus München, wird auch 2014 dazu beitragen, dass der Ostercup 2014 in Berlin-Moabit ein Erfolg wird.
Ausrichter What you need Teamwear freut sich über diese frohe Botschaft und ist sich sicher, den richtigen Ausrüster für das Osterevent vom 17. - 21. April 2014 in Berlin-Moabit an Bord zu haben!!!


FOR THREE 43 Basketball is happily looking foreward to a successful cooperation with medi bayreuth in Beko Basketball Bundesliga.

As a chosen partner for textile and shirts we want to contribute our share in the area of print - with high quality Basketball cloth and excellent service that medi Bayreuth will have a successful season 2013/2014 in Beko BBL", says Maximilian Teschemacher, owner of Basketball label FOR THREE 43 Basketball.

Eastercup on FB:

Basketball Label FOR THREE aka 43 from Munich will help Ostercup 2014 in Berlin-Moabit become a successful event.

What you need Teamwear, who are organizing the event, is happy about this good message and is pretty sure that they have the right and competent partner for this Easter event happening 17. - 21.04.2014 in Berlin-Moabit on board.

*I can do something!



International Eastercup einer unter 30 Nominierten für den blauen Bären 2015!
mehr lesen...


Hier könnten SIE als Hauptsponsor stehen!

Ein internationales Turnier von Kindern für Kinder...



Hier könnten SIE als

Namenssponsor stehen!

Ein internationales Turnier von Kindern für Kinder...